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The FDC Plan on Purpose Story

Brad Connors is the CEO / Founder of iWealth and has been an advisor for more than two decades.  Brad created FDC Plan on Purpose to fill a gap that he identified in the client meeting process.  

As a financial advisor, Brad’s job is to meet with clients to review their goals and concerns for the future, and develop a comprehensive, cohesive financial strategy to fill in those gaps.  While Brad was successful in the planning process, he could not find a technology solution that allowed him to visually show the progress made with his clients.  So – Brad decided to build a client facing, web-based tool that he could share with his clients.  

After using FDC Plan on Purpose successfully with his clients for more than 5 years, and talking with other advisors about this tool, Brad decided to share FDC Plan on Purpose with other advisors.  FDC Plan on Purpose allows you to visually demonstrate to your clients the progress made in your planning process (the Lifetime Plan Score™), while also providing a roadmap to cover all the financial gaps your clients need to consider as they plan for the future.   

As Brad says, “this tool was developed by a financial advisor for his own practice and being brought forward to the industry to help other advisors show up and provide the experience that clients are searching for right now.”

Supporting the next generation of financial advisors

Our mission is twofold: first, we are committed to enhancing the performance of fellow advisors in their client interactions. In alignment with this objective, we are equally dedicated to leveraging our tool to facilitate the education of aspiring advisors. To accomplish this, we have forged valuable partnerships with esteemed colleges and universities. These collaborations grant complimentary access to our tool for their finance departments, enabling students to engage in an educational setting and gain profound insights into the comprehensive advisory process that professionals employ with their clients. As a result, students work diligently towards earning a coveted certificate in behavioral finance, all made possible through their use of the FDC Plan on Purpose tool. 

Our esteemed partners in this mission include:

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