The Power of FDC Plan on Purpose

We have designed our own proprietary software that will help you articulate your value each and every time you meet with your clients. This is a straight forward interactive tool that displays to your clients the full value of working with you.

Lifetime Plan Score™

FDC Plan on Purpose allows you to review specific planning topics with your client and check off items that have been addressed and completed. The Lifetime Plan Score™ is a great visual representation of the progress you are making together to accomplish your clients’ goals and fill in any gaps in their overall plan.

Lifetime Plan Score - updated title lowercase

Company Insights

The Company Insights tool gives you a detailed overview of the progress you are making to address each of the specific planning topics with your entire client base. This chart clearly illustrates, with percentages, the areas where you have made progress, and areas that still need to be addressed.

Where Are Your Gaps?

After reviewing your clients’ current financial situation and goals, the “Find Your Gaps” section will allow you to identify GAPS that might exist within their overall plan. The tool provides you the opportunity to review those gaps and possible solutions with your clients, in an easy to follow format.

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